Unorthodox Roadmap for Success in life

Our personalities and behavior are governed by the genetic and the environmental factors.

While we can not choose the former, a lot can be done about the latter, i.e. to inculcate the traits and training required for success in life.

You would have wondered about very successful entrepreneurs who do not have top class formal educational background, admired the punctual, disciplined professionals who are cool under pressure and would have been either impressed with or laughed at the effectiveness of business school education.

All human beings need to supplement or augment their natural character traits with ‘business sense’,physical fitness, disciplined thinking and a holistic appreciation of different thought processes that would help them in embracing change on a dynamic basis.

While no magic bullet is available, yet here are three action-zones, each of two years slot, which would do wonders for everyone.


Between the age of 8 to 12 years every child should live full  time with a middle class trader/merchant/business family. This will help him/her to soak and internalise the psyche, mindset, way of thinking of a businessperson/family and also develop a natural fondness for numbers.Moreover the bold and seemingly risky decision taking ability of the business family is bound to enter the ‘trainees’ DNA.

Note the emphasis on ‘middle class’ and not profoundly rich. Here the child will learn to make ideas work despite scarce resources and seemingly impossible odds.
Do not be skeptical about the business persons mind set about ‘profit at any cost’. That will be addressed in the next two action- zones.

After schooling, two years of ‘Armed Forces Training’ should be made compulsory for everyone.

While it shall provide a large resource pool for the country’s future defense and some of the trainees might want to continue with a career in the armed forces, it shall discipline the youth and instill the ‘national spirit’

Physical fitness, respect for the seniors, grace under pressure and courage to handle dangerous situations will make great soldier/citizens who can take on the world. They will be very fit and smart too.
Note that the sense of discipline tends to then become a way of life.

In the last action-zone every youngster should do two years of business schooling after graduation/post graduation.

A complete understanding of the business world can help the individuals to extrapolate the learning to fit the real life. ( After all every activity is a business !)

Here the importance of ‘change’ and flexibility in thinking will be instilled, i.e. the strategy has to fit the goals to be achieved. Even changing the goals may be a winning strategy at times!

While you may tend to think this is going too much towards material/practical side, you would do well to appreciate that armed forces lay a lot of stress on the holistic physical training which also keeps the mind calm and the business world has re-found corporate social responsibility, employee well being and conscious capitalism with the fervor of a born again Christian.

Do not worry, the good citizens of tomorrow will learn to be empathetic and environmentally responsible too.

So get set for a great life.
Arun Vedhera

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  1. Dr sukumar Roy says:

    yes sir,great lesson for every young .. i am really happy to note the words and my early days of my life. i am 55 yr old now,but i probably remember everyday the power of self analysis and faith on my almighty god who metamorphosed everything of my soul and help me to improve continuously. i came from a middle class family with nine brothers and sisters . i am a doctor studied mbbs from calcutta medical college & hosp. post grad. also from here,i persuaded and guided my to qualify MSW subsequently she established NGO with all india network with international affiliation and sponsors, my only child who was naughty in school life now studying MBA in SIBM pune, of course with tough days and memories. i do not know you but you very close to … next to …..

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