Exciting is Risky, safe is Boring and Dull



Trophy wives are high maintenance and are always on the look out for new good Samaritans. Beautiful and carefree girlfriends are very attractive, but rarely safe long term life partners. That is why people choose ‘free thinking’ and smart girl or boy friends and live-in companions, but relatively conservative partners for marriage.

Single Malts, Good Wines, To-die- for Italian Food and Sinfully loaded Belgian Chocolates are all no-no for good health-unless of course consumed in moderation, as Doctors are fond of reminding us (Alas! the advice is invariably ignored). An apple a day and consumption of high fiber diet, with vegetables and fruits of all colors to give the necessary balanced nutrition are good for health is well known, but are boring.

Why do actors like Shah Rukh Khan, who can afford to buy a 20 million Pound apartment in Park Lane, London are able to starve themselves and exercise to have hungry, lean looks and the ordinary mortals gorge on fried foot loaded with bad cholesterol which are sure harbingers of health hazards?

For the actor excitement comes from the public adulation and money, for which he deprives himself while for the ordinary mortals the only excitement, comes from grease dripping and cheese loaded food.

For Safe foods you have to shift to Pumpkin, Zucchini, Tofu (you can not get safer than this!) and go for oil free cooking-the organic and health foods served at stylish restaurants are the latest fad and cost a bomb. Biryani with brown rice and no oil!

Black (as sin) Coffee is the brew you crave for, but the safer option is green tea and even better is weak herbal milky tea, which is medicinal in taste.

Haute Couture is not high on comfort but prêt-e-porter looks too plebian. Walk master Italian shoes and Jimmy Choo heels are not meant for safe walking. Latest Diesel low waists Jeans are with-it and the laser destructed, full of hole brands are hep but uncomfortable (you do not feel the fabric on your butt and get air channels streaming in to your body from elsewhere!)

A Ferragamo clutch bag is meant to hold the lace handkerchief and credit card only.  In your boring boxy looking bag you can even carry one change of clothing!

Montverde, the great Swiss car maker never factored in boot space and you can not fit in comfortably wearing a bulky top coat-exciting for driving at high speed, to get that rush of aderline, but definitely not made for comfort.

Adventure sports are great for that heady feeling and table tennis is boring. Safety however is a different matter. Speed thrills, but kills is the old adage.

There are no Old-Bold-Pilots; there are either Old Pilots or Bold Pilots.


New age cell phone loaded with features is lovely, though difficult to navigate and because of the blue tooth can be hacked.

SIP (Systematic Investment Route) is recommended for safe investments, while trying to ‘catch the stocks at the bottom’ and pitching in with a huge pile of money to make that killing on the stock market can take your breath away-and sometimes your life also.

Excitement or Safety, TOUGH choice to make?

The writer is an equal-options analyst and does not profess to offer an opinion; it is your call, dear reader.

Have a great life- both ways.



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