Career Preparation and Planning-Part II



The preparation starts with self-analysis. While the opinion of your parents, teachers, friends and other social groups should stay at the back of your mind; it should not be the sole/dominant factor.


  • Only You Can Ultimately Judge and Understand Yourself.


  • Your parents mean the best for you and if you decide to follow their advice, there is nothing wrong in it.
  • Do not later think that you were forced to take up something in which you were either not interested or felt in confident about.
  • If that is how you feel, better is to listen to your parents and then get your own point of view across.
  • The above exercise should be carried out with patience and care.
  • You can take time in doing this, do not attempt to finish it in one sitting or hurriedly.
  • You can keep revising your analysis, till you are fully satisfied.
  •  Prepare a summary in one page about yourself.
  • For example, I am a young male/female of 17 yrs of age, with average looks and a sweet smile.
  •  Very confident, good in drawing, outgoing, have scored average marks during last three years but have very good scores in English and History.
  •  Play Table Tennis for my school team, love solving crossword puzzles.
  •  Have loving parents and I value their opinion.
  • I want to study fine arts and also want to earn well by pursuing a smart career.
  • I want to be in Aviation or Hotel industry.
  •  How to fund my education?

Now you have been able to arrive at some conclusions about yourself and a possible career choice.

  • You should broaden your choices and list at least three careers, which would excite you in the long term.



If you are able to take up a career of our choice, you would enjoy the same and chances of success will be very high. PLEASE START TODAY.

Arun Vedhera

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