In Appreciation of the Indian Women

 Women undeniably represent the more compassionate, caring and loving gender.

Before marriage they think first about the well-being of their parents and siblings, before thinking about themselves. After marriage the concern gets prioritized in favor of the husband, children, in-laws (despite the famous Saas-Bahu spats), parents and siblings.

Indian Women are brought up to believe that ‘Marriages are made in Heaven‘and ‘Marriage is for Life‘. Very willingly (forget the exceptions) they internalize these thoughts and make selfless effort to convert these sayings to reality. More than anything else, THIS attitude makes the Indian marriages successful.
Where else in the world women have to live and adjust with the in-laws and husband’s family, which takes precedence over their own?
They somehow manage it.
The young husband of today wants an educated girl, who can work and earn, his parents want her to be an ideal docile home maker who can cook and care. The husband wants her to be smart and well dressed in trendy western clothes while his parents (and for special occasions he too wants like that) want her to be dressed in a decent Sari or an Indian dress and touch the elder’s feet.
The husband wants her to cook the choicest dishes (why not Noodles or Spaghetti at home) while his parents want her to cook the traditional Indian dishes. The husband encourages her to have a glass of wine (outside the house!) while his parents want her to religiously do seven days fasting during Navratras.
In short the husband wants the looks and style of a girl friend along with the kind of food and care his mother provided and his parents want an additional bread earner who can be a traditionalist also.
Multitasking at its best or the juggler’s ten balls in the air all the time? Only the Indian Women can do it.
She also brings the children into this world, changes their nappies, wipes their tears, tells them night time tales, (some fathers also do that !) helps them with their home work and generally listens to the ranting of the father when they do not do well in the school or college. (Also the laments of the children when they grow up)
The proud father takes ownership of the children with pride (justifiable!) when one of the children gets selected in the I.I.T or I.I.M entrance exam or gets a big fat first job-after all whose child is he /she? Aha!
Indian woman, like my wife is a wonderful friend, soul-mate, life partner and mother all rolled into one. So if she sometimes sternly asks me to do something, I follow. (At times grudgingly)
I will be happy to be born as a man in the next life also-womanhood is too tough an ask.
More power to all The Women. May GOD bless them.


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