Executive M B A-Structure and Content

 M.B.A program is designed to provide a good exposure to the students in general management and academic background in all the functional areas of management.

In the latter part of the program, specialized courses are offered in different functional areas, which the students can select as per their own plan.


Support courses in Business Economics, Corporate Strategy, Business policy and Statistics are also offered.

An emphasis is laid on teaching through case-studies and role playing so that the sessions are interactive and participation of the students is ensured.


The course structure and content are broadly detailed below for familiarization. Some variations may however be there from one institution to another.




1. Management Principles and Practices

2. Managerial Accounting

3. Quantitative Techniques

4. Organizational Behavior

5. Information Technology

6. Business and Economics




1 .Marketing Management

2. Human Resource Management

3. Financial Management

4. Management of Manufacturing Systems

5. Business Research

6. Operations Research




1. Project management

2. Project Work

3. Specialization Courses from each group-Two courses

4. Specialization courses from the other group-Two Courses




1. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

2. Strategic Decision Making

3. Project Work-Two projects

4. Specialized courses form any of the groups-Two courses


Specialized Courses-Marketing Management


1. Marketing Research

2. Advertising and Brand Management

3. Sales and Distribution Management

4. Customer Relations Management

5. Consumer Behavior

6. Marketing of Services

7. Retail Management

8. International Marketing


Specialized Courses-Systems Management


1. Web Technologies

2. Knowledge Management

3. Relational Database Management Systems

4. Systems Analysis and Design

5. Decision Support Systems

6. Enterprise Resource Planning

7. Business Data Communication

8. Strategic Information System Planning


Specialized Courses-Human Resource Management


1. Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining

2. Human Resource Planning

3. Organizing and Managing Performance

4. Learning and Development

5. Wage and Salary Administration

6. Cross Cultural Human Relations Management

7. Team Building and Leadership

8. Organization Theory and Design



Specialized Courses-Financial Management


1. Cost Control and Analysis

2. Investment and Portfolio Management

3. Financial Derivatives and Markets

4. Management of Financial Institutions

5. Financial Risk Management

6. Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

7. International Finance

8. Financial planning and Control


Specialized Courses-Operations and Manufacturing Management


1. Technology Management

2. Quality Management

3. Supply Chain Management

4. Manufacturing Planning and Control

5. Operations Management

6. Materials Management

7. Value Engineering

8. Competitive Manufacturing Strategies


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