Entrance Exams for Executive M.B.A

CAT—-Common Admission Test-

This is followed by all IIMs and many other top colleges across India.

From 2009 CAT is conducted online as a computer based test. Both CAT 2009 and 2010 had 60 questions to be attempted in 2 hours and 15 minutes plus one 15 minutes tutorial for familiarization.

Cat is a test with no pre defined syllabus. However past tests indicate that CAT tests in general ‘aptitude’ including Verbal Ability (English), Quant Ability (Mathematics), Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI)

1. Verbal Ability

1.1 Vocabulary Based
1.2 English Usage/Grammar
1.3 Verbal Reasoning
1.4 Reading Comprehension

2.0 Quantitative Ability

2.1 Number System
2.2 Percentages
2.3 Profit and Loss
2.4 Interest
2.5 Speed, Time and Distance
2.6 Time and Work
2.7 Averages, Ratio and Proportion
2.8 Quadratic Equations
2.9 Logarithms
2.91 Progressions
2.92 Binomial Theorem
2.93 Inequalities
2.94 Functions
2.95 Set Theory
2.96 Mixtures and Alligations
2.97 Geometry
2.98 Co-ordinate Geometry
2.99 Trigonometry

3.0 Logical Reasoning

3.1 Introduction to Logic
3.2 Syllogism
3.3 Logical Connections
3.4 Binary Logic
3.5 Logical Sequence and Matching
3.6 Seating Arrangement
3.7 Blood Relation
3.8 Venn Diagram
3.9 Cubes
3.91 Clocks
3.92 Calendars
3.93 Numbers and Letter Series

4.0 Data Interpretation

4.1 Introduction to Data interpretation
4.2 Tabular Data (Tables)
4.3 Line Graph
4.4 Bar Chart or Graph
4.5 Pie Chart or Graph

The actual length of the test is 2 hours and 20 minutes and there are two sections of 70 minutes, having 30 questions each.
The first section comprises of Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation while the second section comprises of Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning.
For each correct answer one gets 3 points and for each wrong answer, there is a negative score of 1 point. There is no scoring for the unanswered questions.
There is an on screen timer and the candidates can mark questions if they are not sure of the answer in the first instance and want to revert back to the question.
After completion of one section, the candidates have to proceed to the next section and can not revert back.
You can also change your answers by simply encircling that question.
Arun Vedhera

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